About Us

Magical Colombia, as all things, was born as an idea: to promote and to trade Colombia at international markets addressing to a public of travelers in search of new and fascinating destinations with a quality of excellent services.  To make this possible, we have come together a set of experienced traveling and touristic professionals and other linked areas; we have gone across and still going many classic touristic paths, others not so known and places completely unexplored by travelers.

In Magical Colombia, we know closely every person involved in our team and supply members, we visit the hotels that we propose and we live out magical traveling experiences that we evaluate and select before offering to our traveling customers. We are an incoming tour operator that offers high quality services throughout all Colombia. Whether it be a city tour or a transfer to the airport or a tailor-made travel designed according to our customers wishes.

Magical Colombia is more than an idea… it is a different way of seeing tourism: quality, commitment, sustainability, responsibility and passion. Magical Colombia is one solid reality, it is something that goes beyond the scope of human eyes and mind. Magical Colombia is the beginning of your new journey. Magical Colombia, tailor-made travel and luxury experiences.


Luis Darío González

Managing Director


Colombian by birth, I spent 23 years of my life in Europe and mainly in Italy where I studied Economy of the Tourism Markets and Systems, specializing in sustainable tourism and territorial promotion focusing on the role of tourism as an economic development factor and in image positioning of countries that are in process of getting out of difficult times, like Colombia. After having worked for more than ten years for hotels, travel agencies and wholesale operators, I decided to return to my origins, to inform myself and to visit Colombia throughout its territory to discover the classic routes and the most unexplored and authentic corners of the country. In 2013 I’ve founded Magical Colombia, a local operator with Colombian soul and an international level organization with the sole porpose to offer excellent services. Now that I live again in Colombia, I dedicate myself to this work with extreme passion and discipline, venturing day after day on the infinite faces and shades of this magic land.


Beyond the eyes of the beholder and the reach of the mind, a new journey begins...

Christian A. González

Operations Manager


Commercial Engineer, specialist in Logistics, Economics and Maritime Port Management. With over 10 years of experience working in the transport, logistics, education and tourism sectors. Much of my life was enjoyed in Europe, where in addition to gain technical and professional knowledge in tourism, working in hotels and tour operators I had the opportunity to visit several of its countries, discovering its beautiful landscapes, fantastic architecture, its culture and traditions. Back in Colombia, my nature for adventure and instinct for freedom have led me to travel this beautiful land for its different and varied regions, discovering spectacular and unimaginable landscapes that have made me see the great potential that this country has as a destination. For this reason I decide to join my brother Darío, and work hard alongside him, contributing with all my administrative and operative experience to turn his great dream into this wonderful reality that is today Magical Colombia, an experience that surely you will not forget.


 Traveling is illusion of living beautiful moments, moments are made life, live your new moment!


Theo José Rodríguez

Operations Department


Born and raised in Venezuela, I’ve been a lawyer for 15 years, married to a beautiful Colombian woman and with two wonderful daughters and a son.

Since my childhood I was intrigued to know new places through its people so in my teenager years I embarked on the adventure of intercultural exchanges, traveling and having a life experience in Québec, Canada which allowed me to have knowledge of English and French; I traveled abroad and served as host to different people from all over the world, which helped me to have a better view of the world and its cultures.

The circumstances of life itself brought me to Colombia and now i’m focused on helping others to also have the opportunity to discover this beautiful and wonderful country using all the experience gained in my life so far.


Don´t be a tourist, be a explorer of new sensations!


Assunta Cristofaro

Private Travel Designer


I was born in southern Italy, I am a professional accountant and i’ve held several important positions in private companies and the Italian government. From a very young age I loved to travel around the world, to know different cultures and places. In the travels I learned several languages ​​like English, French and Spanish, I admired many beautiful landscapes, however when I met Colombia I fell in love with its exotic beauty, its immense rivers, the seas with its crystal clear waters, its green nature, great variety of flora and fauna, different cultures, exquisite culinary, its people that is to admire "Friendly, cordial, helpful". That is why I made the decision to be in Colombia since 2014 with my husband who is Colombian and my companion of adventures, who has been my tour guide in this beautiful country: COLOMBIA!


The best of our way in this life is to know, to feel, to smell, to taste, to appreciate and to enjoy all the landscapes that God created for us, that is why before you die you must travel as much as you can each year so that you carry a beautiful memory in your mind and heart, which will never age and endure for all eternity

Sjors Maassen

Private Travel Designer


From Dutch descent, but living in Colombia for almost two years now, I can say it’s absolutely a fascinating country. When I finished my University in Marketing and Communications and did internships in England and Australia, travelling was all I ever wanted to do. After seeing many places in Europe, I decided it was time for something different: South America. While countries like Peru, Bolivia and Chile impressed me, I found out that Colombia has everything. The huge variety in amazing nature and wildlife, the typical delicious food and the friendliness of the people. This is a place where you can spend a lifetime and still can discover things you didn’t know they were there.


Now Magical Colombia has offered me a great chance to show how spectacular this country is and share it with everybody who is looking for their experience of their lives. Also many thanks to my Colombian wife who has made all this possible and supported me from the very beginning.


Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Andrés Rojas

Accounting Manager


Public Accountant and Santiago de Cali University alumni, with 15 years of experience in audit financial records, tax supeervision and compliance.


"If the traveler goes to countries that are in better conditions, he can learn how to improve his own." If fortune takes him to places in unfavorable conditions, he may learn to enjoy what he has at home.


Diana Carabalí

Accounting Department


Student of Public Accounting, Universidad Autónoma de Occidente, I praise the Lord for having a nice home in the company of my husband and two beautiful children.


"Traveling serves to adjust the imagination to the reality and to see things as they are instead how they should be" ".