Colombia is a country with an excellent hotel infrastructure and Magical Colombia have made a careful selection of hotels that meet quality standards in the offered destinations. The following classification considers not only the facilities but many other features that complement the service, among them: location; bilingual staff; social, economic and environmental responsibility; qualified staff; customer reviews and additional available services. We have been inspired by three precious resources of our beautiful land: emeralds, gold and platinum. We want to pay tribute to Colombia and highlight the work of our partner hotels.

Hotel Categories

Emerald Hotels

For our Entry Level category, we wanted to pay homage to the emerald, a precious stone found in the imposing mountains of our country, especially in the departments of Cundinamarca and Boyacá. In these territories are concentrated the main deposits of emeralds in the country, making this precious stone one of the most important export products, with a participation in the world market of 55%.

In addition to being one of the flagship mining products in Colombia, emeralds are also part of the mythology of our country. Legend has it that these precious stones are the tears that shed a Muisca Indian named Fura for the loss of her beloved Tena. The weeping of Fura watered the forests and penetrated the earth to become these beautiful green stones.

The Colombian emerald has particular characteristics that differentiate it from others in the world, given by the unique conditions of the subsoil, which makes them more resistant, bright and of purer and deeper tones. For these rare qualities, the Colombian emerald is one of the most sought after gemstones in the world.

This category offers hotels with comfortable and accessible facilities, reserved for our clients who are looking for a good quality/price relation. 


Gold Hotels

For our Premium category we pay homage to all our pre-Columbian indigenous cultures who worked and worshiped this precious and valuable metal throughout the country. Not for nothing the legend of the Dorado was born in these beautiful lands, precisely in the city of Guatavita. It is the story of a cacique whose wife was caught in adultery and for this, condemned to the worst of the torments: day and night she was persecuted by a group of Indians who sang songs describing her crime with all the details. They did not stop tormenting her.

Despair and guilt caused her to launch into a lagoon, where she died drowned with her little daughter. After the events, the cacique was filled with remorse and wanted to expiate the death of his wife asking advice to the priests of his confidence. They told him that his wife was still living and that she lived in a beautiful palace at the bottom of the lagoon and his soul would be saved if he offered her all the gold in the world. He did so several times a year. The Indians carried the offerings and threw them into the water, always on their backs, while the cacique stripped and covered his body with a natural glue. He was sprinkled with powdered gold, then climbed on a raft and went into the middle of the lagoon where he submitted himself to moans and prayers. Then he bathed to leave the gold dust that covered his body. The ritual was successively repeated in an infinite manner. And so began the legend of the Dorado.

This category offers prestigious hotels, for clients looking for comfort with a very good quality of attention and services.

Platinum Hotels

For our Luxury category we wanted to represent it with this invaluable metal, which was used hundreds of years ago by the Emberas, Kuna, Waunanas and Katios natives who populated much of the rich land of western Colombia.

At the time of the conquest the Platinum was thrown as a waste of the gold exploitation until in the eighteenth century when the spaniards focused their attention on this mineral and were the first to write about the existence of the Platinum which they called “Platina” by confusing it with a lesser kind of silver, they never imagined that today the Platinum would be more useful and valuable than the Gold itself.

Platinum is one of the scarce metals that exist, it is highly prized in jewelry for its beauty, hardness, shine, strength and durability.

For this reason we wanted to represent our maximum category with this precious metal, as a symbol of exclusivity and glamour, with hotels reserved for clients who pay attention to detail and perfection in every way.



Caño Cristales


Cartagena de Indias

Pacific Coast

Tatacoa Desert

Guadalajara de Buga

Rosario Islands

Providence Island

San Andres Island



Calima Lake

La Guajira

Laguna de la Cocha



Coffee Cultural Landscape

Tayrona Natural Park



Río Claro Reserve


San Agustín

Santa Cruz de Mompox

Santa Fe de Antioquia

Santa Marta

Santiago de Cali



Villa de Leyva