Assunta Cristofaro

Private Travel Designer

“The best of our way in this life is to know, to feel, to smell, to taste, to appreciate and to enjoy all the landscapes that God created for us that is why before you die you must travel as much as you can each year so that you carry a beautiful memory in your mind and heart, which will never age and endure for all eternity.”

I was born in southern Italy, I am a professional accountant and I’ve held several important positions in private companies and the Italian government. From a very young age I loved to travel around the world, to know different cultures and places. In the travels I learned several languages like English, French and Spanish. I admired many beautiful landscapes, however when I met Colombia I fell in love with its exotic beauty, its immense rivers, the seas with its crystal clear waters, its green nature, great variety flora and fauna, different cultures, exquisite culinary, its people that is to admire ‘Friendly, cordial, helpful”. That is why I made the decision to be in Colombia since 2014 with my husband who is Colombian and my companion of adventures, who has been my tour guide in this beautiful country: COLOMBIA!