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Bogota, Putumayo, San Agustin, Tatacoa Desert, Santiago de Cali, Pacific Coast


16 Days / 15 Nights


Welcome to Magical Colombia! Your adventure begins in beautiful Bogota, Colombia’s Capital City, situated 8k feet above sea level in the heart of the Andes Mountains. Spend the first part of your trip exploring the historic city center, its countless museums and art galleries, and the colorful and diverse Paloquemao Market. Your English speaking guide will accompany you throughout this urban adventure, and will even take you to the Monserrate Sanctuary where you’ll have a view of the sprawling metropolis below from a viewpoint over 10k feet high.

From Bogota you will head the part of the country, into the Amazon Rainforest in the Putumayo Department. You will enjoy hiking (or canoeing in the wet season) to rivers and stunning waterfalls, wildlife encounters, rafting, and learning all about ancestral traditions and plant medicine. 

You’ll take a private transfer from the Amazon to step back into time in one of Colombia’s most renowned archaeological sites. But before, you will take a detour to the first National Park in the country, the Gaucharos Cave, which gets its name from the guácharo bird, who, similar to bats, leave the cave at night in search of food.

Your next adventure awaits in San Agustin, an area famous for its pre-colombian figures carved in volcanic rocks. The figures can be found in various sites throughout the region, which you will get to explore during your stay in this amazing place. You will hike and ride horses in this gorgeous region, another one of Colombia’s coffee producing areas, as well as visit waterfalls and rivers, including the Magdalena stretch, the start of one of the countries most important rivers. 

This adventure will go from archaeology to paleontology, as your next stop is in the heart of the Tatacoa Desert. Here you can look forward to touring the multi-colored desert in a private jeep tour. Your bilingual guide will show you the two different zones of the desert, the red zone and the gray zone, as you explore one of the largest fossil vertebrae sites in America. At night, star gazing is a must on the agenda, as this desert is considered the best place to see the stars in Colombia.

Make sure you get a good night’s sleep before you head to Santiago de Cali, commonly referred to by the locals as “a branch of Heaven”, where the sounds of salsa can be heard throughout the city and you can dance the night away. Of course, you will visit all of the cities sites, including a tour up to Cristo Rey, where you can see the awe-inspiring Cauca Valley from above. Another highlight of the Cauca Valley is the wild Pacific. From Cali you will fly to Guapi, where you will spend the last part of your adventure whale-watching (July-October) and immersing yourself in the flavors of the Pacific. You’ll see Gorgona and Gorgonilla Islands, swim in pristine waters flowing down from the mountains, explore the manglares, and hike around an old jail that has been engulfed by the jungle. Once this adventure is through, you will fly back to Bogota for one last night.

Of course, your vacation doesn’t have to end here. We are happy to help you extend your stay. Paradise is only a hop, skip, and a jump away.

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