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Amazon Jungle / Eastern Plains / Pacific Coast.


13 Days / 12 Nights

Wild Colombia

Welcome to the Wild Magic!

We begin this spectacular journey by visiting the Amazon. From the airplane window you can see how a carpet of tightly packed trees stretches below, staining a huge brown river as it meanders through the jungle. This is the panoramic view before arriving in the Amazon, Colombia, a destination home to 212 species of mammals and 195 species of reptiles. The Colombian Amazon is an incredible place for travelers seeking extreme contact with nature and some of the most representative cultures of the country.

Like gigantic veins, this region is crossed by majestic rivers that facilitate commercial transactions and travel to unique places in the middle of the jungle, remote villages, reserves, parks and nature reserves.

The indigenous groups give this territory an incomparable ethnic multiplicity. Getting to know their rituals, culture and beliefs, interacting with community leaders and understanding their relationship with nature is a unique experience that evokes the authentic charm of the Amazon. This wonderful habitat hosts as many species of fauna and flora as any other ecosystem in the world and is a surprising place not only for the cultural diversity of its indigenous peoples, but for the life that originates and is nourished by the multiple banks of the Amazon River, the largest, widest and deepest in the world.

We continue our tour in the Eastern Plains. This destination is a paradise for nature photographers and those who want to have an experience full of adventure in the vast eastern plains.

This region, with warm temperatures and large extensions of land, hides some of the most beautiful places in the country.

The image of Colombia would not be complete without the llanero sunset; without that postcard of magnificent trees that crown a cattle land that extends to the ends of our sight, and that invites us to discover what secret is hidden in the distance.

Among the representative species that we can observe are large herds of capybaras, deer, monkeys and otters; characteristic, curious and emblematic animals such as the two types of anteaters, the great Orinoco crocodile as well as anacondas, foxes, pink dolphins, aquatic and terrestrial turtles, iguanas, babillas, among many others. There is a high possibility of encountering big cats such as pumas, jaguars, ocelots and jaguarundis. And we cannot leave behind the combination of this observation with the great richness and abundance of bird species that adorn the landscape with their beautiful colors, all in a context of culture and tradition of the plains, accompanied by programs that promote the conservation of these species and the places to visit.

– Gorgona Option

Finally, after a spectacular tour through the Amazon and the Colombian plains, we land on the paradisiacal island of Gorgona, located in the Pacific Ocean.

Gorgona National Natural Park is a small paradise of diversity that jumps into view from the high seas when the lush and exuberant tropical rainforest descends from the small cloudy peaks to the intense blue of the mysterious waters of the Pacific Ocean. The Park is made up of two islands, Gorgona and Gorgonilla.

On the island, which was a settlement of the Tumaco – La Tolita culture in the thirteenth century BC, you can see birds, dive and walk trails, among other activities. Eleven species of whales and dolphins have been recorded here.

Gorgona is a true Eden of diversity, as well as an invaluable place for scientific research. In Gorgona you can find typical species of the tropical rainforest, coral formations, an enormous variety of marine species and colonies where diverse migratory birds nest.

Travelers and nature lovers find in Gorgona a great variety of attractions: there are ecological interpretation trails, its flora and fauna are exuberant, it has beautiful beaches, archaeological remains, historical ruins, and you can also practice snorkeling and scuba diving.

– Nuquí Option

Finally, after a spectacular journey through the Amazon and the Colombian plains, we landed on the shores of Nuquí, located in the Pacific Ocean.

Guachalito, Coquí, Joví, Termales and Morromico are the names of some of the beaches and villages that make up a paradise called Nuquí, a municipality in the department of Chocó on the shores of the Pacific, where sea and jungle merge into one of the most spectacular sceneries of Colombian nature.

This place is ideal for people who love nature and the tranquility that its sounds give off. A destination with an uncountable wealth of water, flora and fauna, where the essence of life is rediscovered. Here there are no disturbing noises or the complications that modern life sometimes presents, but the precise environment to rest, dream and create.

Nuquí is sought after by admirers of indescribable spectacles such as the arrival of humpback whales from July to November and, in general, of all the wildlife that hides behind the lush vegetation of the tropical rainforest and in the interior of a sea rich in plant and animal species.

Nuquí is an incredible earthly paradise of wise and exotic nature. Nuquí is the destination to overcome the fears of loneliness and distance. It supposes a total isolation to understand the true meaning of life and to reconfirm that nature is wise.

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