We design unforgettable experiences respecting and valuing the natural and socio-cultural ecosystems of one of the most biodiverse countries in the world: Colombia. We combine the concepts of environmental, social and economic responsibility with the exclusivity of luxury services. You will enjoy a mixture of natural paradises and urban landscapes with a focus on a natural gastronomy and wellness experiences.



Discover the immensity of Colombia from above, going where few go, with safety and exclusivity. Our selection of private planes, balloons and helicopters allows you to explore the most dazzling corners of the second most biodiverse country in the world.



Enjoy a day in the crystal clear waters of the Rosario Islands archipelago aboard a boat, yacht or catamaran; explore the majestic waters of the Orinoco and Amazon rivers while you watch flora and fauna; venture on a journey through the unexplored and exuberant beaches of the Colombian Pacific. Live Colombia from the water with the best boats and personalized catering.



For those seeking privacy and tailored services we have a collection of colonial houses, private villas, traditional farms and haciendas throughout the Colombian territory. 24/7 concierge, private chefs, security and personalized activities so you can enjoy your stay with your family or a group of friends to the fullest.


“What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it.”

Gabriel García Márquez


If you love nature and being outdoors, there is no better place to be than Colombia. From the Sierra Nevada to the Andes mountains, the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, there is something to suit everyone’s adventurous souls. Take a four-day trek through the jungle to the Lost City, or hike to one of the countries countless lakes, waterfalls, and volcanoes. Mountain bike or cycle through the beautiful coffee region and its rolling green hills and valleys. Go whale watching in Gorgona, bird watching in the Cauca Valley, snorkeling in the Rosary Islands, or diving off the coast of Malpelo Island, some of the most beautiful and renowned places. If you’re looking for something more extreme, Colombia also has some of the best places in the world for kitesurfing! These are just a few of the signature experiences we can design for you. Let one of our private travel designers send you on the best outdoor adventure possible.


Colombia is a country in which natural wealth and great biodiversity overflow before the eyes of all those who want to connect with nature and with themselves. For many visitors, the desire arises to travel to virgin places in order to reflect and heal the body and soul, with the help of ancestral knowledge in contexts of sublime nature. The natural landscapes offer a unique and special attraction, in which the wonders surprise by the punctuality of their appearances and by the richness that is generated from their sounds and colors.

Discover the five Colombian geographic regions with itineraries focused on well-being, ecological accommodations in the middle of nature, organic food, spas and experiences with indigenous communities that share their ancestral knowledge to raise our awareness and well-being to a higher level.


Colombia is known for its biodiversity, and just like its variety of people and unsurpassed natural beauty, it also has its very own delicious and unique cuisine. While visiting, you can enjoy typical Colombian food in the most traditional ways, from a night of comedy and laughter in a private supper club, to a romantic oceanfront meal with wine and freshly caught seafood. Explore the colorful markets and myriad of tropical fruits, choose autochthonous foods, and have a local chef prepare you a gourmet meal. Taste national award winning rum and aguardiente, and try viche, one of the typical ancestral drinks of the Pacific Coast. Be swept away by the enchantment of the coffee zone, where you’ll taste some of the world’s best coffee and visit a cacao farm where you can make your very own chocolate. Visit a historic sugar cane mill, where you can see the process of making mouth-watering panela and guarapo on a historical trapiche.

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