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What to do in Cauca Valley

The department of Valle del Cauca is a fertile region flanked on each side by the Cordilleras Occidental and Central (Andean Mountain Range). Down its western slopes you will find jungle, swamps and beaches on the Pacific Ocean. The valley itself is the biggest sugarcane producer, the diversity of its ecosystem is also reflected on its people, a fantastic mixture of races with big African influences


  • Visit the Sugarcane Museum, Haciendas and a “Panelero” Mill to learn about the process and products from sugarcane
  • Towards the Pacific Coast you wil find the Nature Reserve of San Cipriano, unspoiled tropical forest with waterfalls, rivers and exuberant vegetation. A walk through ecological paths and swimming in the River is a must
  • Birdwatching, Colombia is the First country in the world with more species of birds and Valle del Cauca, the second region with more diversity, so is fast becoming a “birders” destination. Best places for birdwatching are La Leonera, Saladito y La Elvira
  • Whale watching, Pacific Coast. Isla Gorgona National Natural Park, to witness this spectacle of Nature go between July and November
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Cali is a vibrant, joyful and musical city, it´s known as the World capital of Salsa The inhabitants of Cali are spectacular dancers. And “When in Rome, do as the Roman do”, dance salsa!  There are plenty of Salsa Schools to learn basic steps and dance the night away…. This is a highly recommended authentic “Caleña” experience. Salsa Clubs, in the touristic area and the most popular ones are Topa Tolondra, Tintindeo, Zaperoco.

Salsa Shows: Delirio Last Friday of the month Ensálsate  y Mulato Cabaret

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Petronio Alvarez: held annually in Cali in August celebrates the culture and traditions of the Afro-Colombian people from the Pacific Coast. With local and international bands that play Pacific indigenous music also a big display of delicious gastronomy, and native products

Feria De Cali: once a year, from 25Thto 30thDecember, natives and tourists alike flock in their thousands to delight in this dancing Parade. Celebrates the uniqueness of both Cali’s historical past and culturally-rich present, each costume is a work of art in itself that captures the essence of caleño identity. A sea of perfectly-in-unison, highly-skillful and vibrantly-dressed dancers captivates even the most apathetic spectator

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Main cities

Santiago de Cali is the department´s Capital or as the locals call it “heaven´s branch” and Buenaventura is the most important Port in Colombia (Pacific Coast) and a base to trave to  Juanchaco, Ladrilleros and La Barra home to typical Pacific beaches, meaning the sea is wilder and the sand darker in color than he Caribbean side. However, the dramatic landscape, of beaches flanked by rock formations and wooded terrain, gives the area a markedly different appeal.

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